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DVR Compatibility

How to Reset DVR Password

Connecting DVR to the Network

Phone Remote View - Xmeye app setup

PC Monitoring - VMS Software Setup

Recording Settings

How to playback





DVR Compatibility:



Evertech Surveillance Recorders are compatible with AHD / TVI / CVI and Analog (960H) Security Cameras up to 2.4mp



If you are not sure about your existing camera compatibility with our DVR, please feel free to contact us at the following phone number:

201-531-2288 (Mon- Fri, 10:00am - 5:30pm EST) or send us an email at, please include in your email manufacturer name and model

number of your camera.




How to Reset DVR Password:


New DVR has factory default password, which is remembered on the device. To log in, only click "OK". You can modify default password and create your own.
If you are logged out and you forgot password of your system, you can reset it following the steps below:



  1. In the System Login window, click on  "Forgot password"




  1. The System will ask to answer safety questions, which were set in advance by us





  1. The answers for these safety questions can be found in the instructions, which comes in the device packaging. You can also call our tech. support for these answers.(please have your Order ID ready when you call).
    Input the answers for safety questions and click OK.
    Next step is "Password Modify". Create a new password for your admin account, confirm and click "Next".




Please note: We recommend not to change safety questions and keep it factory default for easy password reset. Click OK and you will see the message that the password was set successfully.




Connecting DVR to the Network:



If you need to monitor your CCTV system remotely, please be aware that DVR needs to be connected to the network. Connect your router to DVR with Network Cable. Ensure your system is set to DHCP instead of Static. (DVR Menu > Network Settings).




Test the network connection from Startup Wizard, you should see three green messages as on the image below. In case of error message, click "retry" several times or you might need to restart the device and test network again.





Phone Remote View - Xmeye app setup:

Free Mobile application for CCTV remote monitoring that work with Evertech DVR is XMEYE, which is available on google play and apple stores as well.

Click on the link for free Xmeye iPhone App store preview >
Click on the link for free Xmeye Android App store preview >

Find QR Code on DVR Menu by clicking on Advanced > Version > scan QR code which says "Serial Number".

Download and open Xmeye app on your phone. It is NOT required to register cloud account, instead click on "Local Login" icon.

To add a new device, click on "+" in upper right corner of the window.

Fill in the required fields as it is shown on the image below:

Now device has been added to the list, click "start preview" to view your Cameras.





PC Monitoring - VMS Software Setup:



VMS Software allows you to view CCTV Cameras on your Personal Computer, you can also playback or adjust some settings of your system.

To download VMS Software for Windows Click Here

To download VMS Software for Mac Click Here

As it is .rar file, extract files, open it and follow the steps to complete installation on your PC.

To see instructions on how to add your device on VMS, please Click Here.