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2pcs 50 Feet & 2pcs 25 Feet Power Video Ready-Made White Cables for CCTV Surveillance System

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25 Feet & 50 Feet BNC to BNC Video + Power Cable Ready Made For CCTV Camera

Package Includes:
2pcs 25FT Premade Siamese Cable
2pcs 50FT Premade Siamese Cable


    • CCTV Siamese Pre-made Cable
    • Video and power in One
    • Total 25 & 50 Feet in length
    • Heavy duty cable with improved quality for video and power
    • Color Coded ends for Video and power
    • 20 AWG Siamese 95% Braid.
    • Single Jacket of coax and power cable.
    • Female BNC both ends
    • Male & Female plug in power (2.1mmX5.5mm)
    • This cable is a single pull for each camera.



Artikelnummer SCBL50FW25FW02


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